About Us

How did all of this start?

As an ICT employee, I always had a passion for cars, photography, videography and going on beautiful roadtrips. I thought it would be a good idea to combine my passions and hobby. Therefore, in 2017, before VHC Tours existed, I organized my first Volvo try-out Roadtrip for some of my Volvo friends. That try-out turned out to be very successful, after which I started VHC Tours.

In the beginning, I did everything on my own but after a while I discovered that doing photography, videography, event-management, creating and maintaining the website was too much to do on my own. Therefore, I enlisted the help of a few professionals to help further grow VHC Tours.

Currently we have grown into a team of 6 people and we are always happy to organize new Volvo events.

What do we offer?

Looking for adventurous Volvo road trips, friendly people whom share the same Volvo passion, beautiful roads, stunning environment, high quality photography and videography?

What about VHC Customs?

VHC Customs is part of VHC Tours and focuses Volvo tuning products.

Still not sure?

The recommendations and reviews speak for themselves. Also, on the gallery page you can find event photos and on our home page, you can watch some after-movies. Enjoy our footage, we are looking forward to seeing you at one of our future events!