Roadtrips in 2021

On 6 May, we last-minute organized the Tulips Drive through the ‘Noordoostpolder’. In less than 4 days, we organized everything and within the first two days of these, we were already sold out! In total, around 60 people and 30 cars gathered in Emmeloord. Together, despite the rain and the corona measures, we had an amazingly fun day!

The Tulips Drive motivated us to organize more events this year. It did not take long for Ewoud to organize the Fryslân Boppe Tour. It took place in his home area, namely Friesland. Ewoud set out a beautiful route which we ended up driving with 41 cars and 71 participants. According to multiple people, the Fryslân Boppe tour was the best organized VHC Tours roadtrip until now! You can read the reviews of this and the previous roadtrips below.

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Limburg Roadtrip 2019

Good organization, every ride is taken care of to perfection and full of technical driving pleasure. The views during the routes is also very beautiful! Definitely recommended for every Volvo driver!

Daan Lamoen

Mosel (2nd Edition) Roadtrip 2018

I have already been on a road trip twice. I really recommend this organization! It is great to ride a beautiful route with fellow Volvo fanatics. And everything was neat and well arranged by the organization; My compliments!

Kees Verheij

Mosel (1st Edition) Roadtrip 2018

On April 21 of 2018, I participated in my first road trip. A day to remember, a great organization and certainly great participants. All with a love for Volvo, from young to old and from handsome to ugly, it doesn’t matter; you are all like family together. Besides the beautiful trip they have mapped out, you get to know each other, both on the road and in private during the rest break. But also in problematic situations you’ll see that everyone is willing to help/assist each other. I look back on this day with great pleasure and am looking forward to the next trip.

Barry van de Voorde

Rheinland Roadtrip 2017

On September 9 of 2017, there was a tour for Volvo enthusiasts. We started at the ‘drielandenpunt’ in Vaals where we received instructions of the day. This promised to be a beautiful day – and it was. It was a nice ride, which was just a bit too long, as we could not finish the planned route. But that certainly did not spoil the fun. As a nice group of people, we shared our passion (even the Polizei took part in this and laughed). The week after, we received the photos of this great day. It was a great day!! It was the first official roadtrip organized by VHC TOURS and it was better than I expected. I wish you all the luck building up this company and I’ll see you next time.

Patrick van Looij